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The Modern Dwelling is a group exhibition with contributions from fourteen participating designers, artisans and artists. The exhibition has taken shape through discussions and conversations about objects and their impact on each other and the people surrounding them. The title of the exhibition refers to a desire to show a possible place to be in, but at the same time similar and different to places we already know. Here, the visual and poetic values take up more space than practical ones and our hope is that we have created a place that you want to be in for a while.



Anja Fredell, Klara Granstrand, Helena Pernow, Andreas Wallroth, Love Hultén,

Fredrik Slögher, John Wattström, David Bramham, Jonas Lilja, Josefine Sjökvist,

Jonatan Appelfeldt, Kim Björnson, Hanna Höglund och Carl Martinson.

Photo: Alexander Beveridge and David Eng

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